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Common Medical Issues


The following are the most common medical issues that we see in cats listed by body system.  These are by far not all of the diseases that we see in cats, they are just the most common ones, and are generally the easiest to diagnose because we do see them regularly.  However many diseases can have very similar symptoms, but require very different treatment.  Even if you think your cat may have one of these diseases, please take them to a veterinarian to diagnose them so that your cat can receive the most effective treatment for them.  No two cats are alike, and no two cats will present exactly the same with the same disease.  And, on the same note, no two cats will respond in the same way to the same treatments.  It is best for your cat if you work with a veterinarian to diagnose and treat your cat in the most effective method for your specific cat.

If your cat's disease process is not listed in here and you would like to learn more about what your cat has, please go to our Pet Library page.  This page gives you access to thousands of articles written by many different veterinarians on all aspects of animal diseases.

For more information on the most common diseases that we see at All Feline Hospital, keep on reading!